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What to wear: Internship

At the risk of sounding too cliche: this will be me come Friday, January 6th. Recently, I just got offered an internship with Harper’s Bazaar Accessories Team for the Winter/Spring 2012 semester. Yes, yes, GREAT! I was on cloud nine and then reality hit me. Shit. I had never worked at a fashion magazine, yes I follow the runway shows but only to a certain extent, and I did not have the wardrobe that most young women who have these jobs seem to have. With the clock ticking and my whole closet in Boston being packed away into suitcases, with every shirt I fold I can’t help but think:  “nope, can’t wear that. or that. or that.” Ladies, if this is you (and I hope there are some of you who have been in my very position) I think I may have found some solutions.

1. Fashion Bloggers- I have a few fashion bloggers that I shamelessly stalk religiously only because I love everything that these girls put together. (Brooklyn Blonde, This Time Tomorrow, and Cupcakes and Cashmere- google them. You won’t be disappointed.) A lot of the looks that they are seen wearing seem to be work-acceptable. Very few times do they wear jeans, and almost all of the time there is some kind of piece from J.Crew involved. The thing I love about bloggers is that more often than not, they reference where to get what they are wearing AND, also similar styles to pick up (often cheaper.) Lesson being: Learn from bloggers.

2. Know what to splurge on and where- Okay yes, I would love to be able to go into Bloomingdales with an imaginary credit card and charge anything and everything that will boost my wardrobe for this internship and hope the bill gets lost in the mail. Here’s where knowing what’s worth it and what isn’t comes in handy. Yes, blouses are a must. But is it a must to spend $500.00 on 3 blouses? Absolutely. Not. H&M has great and affordable selections of colored blazer, blouses, and work pants that are sure to help wow the pants off your superiors. A little more expensive but just as trendy is Zara, offering an extensive selection of work styles that you can easily mix and match to make your own. And last but not least, Topshop. This UK based brand has many printed pant styles, blouses, and jackets that can easily semi- transform you from Anne Hathaway in scenes 1-10 to Anne Hathaway in scenes 10-18.

3. What I would recommend splurging on?- Trouser. Pants. I got two pairs from Ann Taylor the other day (50% off sale!) one black and one (insert gasp) Winter White. and I could not be happier with them. A pair of basic, wide leg trousers will take you from winter to spring no problem and are easily adaptable into any outfit. I also picked up a couple pairs of skinny black pants from the Gap which would look great with an oversize blouse, blazer, and fun accessories.

4. Shoes- This subject I will have to get back to you on. I am only 5’3″, so in other words petite, and I know some of the requirements of interns include “running” around the city. I love a good trusty pair of 5 inch heels so on the safe side, I’ll be wearing them but on my runs I’ll be sure to pack my Gap City-Flats in my bag to help keep me from completely destroying my feet.

5. Praying she’s not my boss. 



Post Christmas Wish list.

At a certain age you stop getting toys and start getting money, gift cards, and one or two nice gifts. As of right now, I have a few gift cards that are burning a hole in my pocket & here’s what I’m hoping to spend them on.

1. Equipment Signature Silk Blouse in Lime

2. Mr. Dannijo Aram Collar 

3. Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses 

4. Equipment Star-Print Silk Blouse

5. J.Crew Naomi Skirt

6. Kaleidoscope Print Pencil Skirt

7. Lace Overlay Pencil Skirt

8. H&M Yellow Blazer 

9. Ann Taylor Asymmetrical Hem Striped Maxi Dress

10. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Noir Laque 

How about you?


I love a good red lip anytime of the year but around the holidays are the perfect time to experiment with some red rouge. Depending on skin tone, different reds look better on different people. Whether you prefer an orangey red like YSL’s Le Orange  ( my favorite for summer- also a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian’s) or a bright, deep red such as NARS Jungle Red- find the shade that best suits you and follow these easy steps to perfect lips.

1. Slather lips with some petroleum jelly or my favorite: Aquaphor- and leave on lips for 2-3 minutes and then wipe off with a warm facecloth. Dead skin on the lips should wipe right off.

2. Then apply a moisturizing lipbalm to your lips before applying lipstick.

3. Cover your lips with the same foundation that you use on your face. By doing this, you completely erase your lips and you are allowed to start fresh with lipstick.

4. Now you are ready for your lip color! Start from the middle and work your way out to the corners of your lips.


J.Crew Jenna Bracelet

Every girl needs one piece of jewelry that can be worn day or night, rain or shine and this baby is it for me. J.Crew has redone the Jenna bracelet a couple times now and each time it has been better than before. Classic gold hardware in the shape of thick gold chain links are just a few of the elements that make this bracelet perfect. Worn alone it does all the talking but worn with a few other bangles it just adds to the conversation. This beauty has been seen on a few of my favorite fashion bloggers including Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere), Krystal Bick (This Time Tomorrow), and Helena Glazer (Brooklyn Blonde). Why not take a note from them and do yourself a favor-add this piece to your collection? 

J.Crew Jenna Bracelet $88.00

Closet Must-Haves

Since it’s that one time of year we can shamelessly put together a list of wants and needs I figured I’d put together my own list of things that every girl should have in their closet to carry them through the winter months and into early spring.

1. American Apparel Sheer Jersey V-Neck

2. La Mer St. Germain Chain Watch

3. JBrand Mid-Rise Twill Skinny Jeans 

4. Ecote Flat Chelsea Boot

5. Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Button Down

6. Anthropologie Magnified Ikat Mini

7. J.Crew Leopard Print Scarf

8. H&M Natural White Faux Fur Vest ($14.95!)

9. Equipment Nixie Blouse

10. Dannijo Aram Collar Necklace

Colors of Spring 2012

As I’m listening to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby’s Christmas album and perusing my twitter feed it’s unbelievable to see mentions of better times i.e. SPRING. Yes, in true typical fashion world skipping seasons is the norm, and usually I don’t like it. In the middle of the holiday season we’re already seeing resort collections sold in our favorite retailers but one trend that can’t be denied is neon. Yes, tell your David Bowie-loving-hipster-mom she can break out her neon tank tops from her college days without embarrassing the hell out of you-because it’s back. Seen earlier in the fall Christopher Kane debuted his line of neon denim x JBrand at Barney’s and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes the collection even includes neon shorts and neon denim jackets, and if you have the money to spend why not?

Colors include highlighter yellow, bright orange, and bubblicious pink. 

Yes, yes, I know when you saw the name Barney’s you probably thought about your dear old wallet (which let’s face it will probably be empty by the end of the holiday season). Every piece in the collection is under $300. Not feeling the trend or the price tag? I have just the solution.

J.Crew & Gap have  jumped on the neon train that has just left the station for the spring and offers an alternative: neon denim & neon t-shirts. YES. The sherbet orange jeans are the perfect pop of color for your closet come spring time (And for $108.00, I’d say it’s worth it.)  Not fully sold on the colored pant trend? Ok, I’m going to try to further convince you that you need to try this trend with Gap’s Heathered scoop neck T’s on sale for $15.00.

Thank me later when you’re obsessed with this trend before your favorite spring flowers bloom and everyone and their mother are wearing every color under the sun.

…You’re welcome.

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     “I dare you to ask me on a date. Dare you.”

Leandra Medine might just have to be one of my favorite fashion bloggers out there. Not only is she stylish, but she is quirky and downright adorable. After following her blog for a good four months, I’ve grown increasingly jealous of a few things: besides her incredible closet, advertising deals with brand and designers, and the shoes…the shoes!- it is her styling ability that I envy. She can turn a black, skimpy, bodycon dress that some may wear on a night out into something that any man would find completely repulsive. But ask any woman? She looks amazing. It’s funny that almost every outfit she posts has a key piece that a man would like on a woman, but adding button down chambray shirts, a head turban, and a neon jacket- no man is coming within 20 feet. The amount of bracelets that this girl piles on her arm on the daily (arm party!) could easily be seen as a weapon. I’d secretly love to see what Ms. Medine wears walking through airport security. If you haven’t made the Man Repeller a blog that you visit daily, I’d suggest doing so. I promise it won’t disappoint and I can also promise you will pick up a few styling tips yourself.

Club Monaco

Upon a recent trip to Copley Plaza in Boston is when I fell in love. With Club Monaco. How have I never been here before? Owned by Polo Ralph Lauren, it’s not hard to see why I loved it so. Strolling through the store I quickly fell in love with sweater, upon sweater, upon sweater skirts and sequined tops. Yes, the prices are that of what you would see in actual Monaco (only the worlds wealthiest country), but they are worth it. Trust. Some favorites of mine included the gray wool, complete with fur collared coat that cinched perfectly at the waist and a chunky marble cardigan.

Looking ahead to spring 2012 I came across the lookbook and fell in love yet again. Here are some of my favorite looks that I hope to be going steady with by March. The look all the way to the left is simple, menswear inspired-chic that I could not have styled better myself. I love the look directly to the right, with the burnt orange detailed skirt paired with a motorcycle leather bomber jacket really tones down the femininity. The second to last look is one that takes the cake for me. I am a sucker for neutral colors and the camel jacket paired with crisp white shorts left me dead on the floor.

The power of a candle.

I love a good candle just as much as any homebody might. Nothing beats lighting a candle and curling up on the couch with a good book and letting the chosen aroma fill the room and your soul. At this time of year, I am appropriately drawn to the cinnamon, pine tree, hollyberry- signature christmas scents. Yes, anyone can go to Yankee Candle and pick out these scents but let me draw your attention to some favorites of mine. Anthropologie has some amazing home decor accents for your house, and what better accent than a candle? Anthropologie carries a few different lines of candles ranging from fruity to flowery smelling goodness, and not to mention the adorable jars (pictured to the left and right). Now onto the candle of my dreams- any candle  from Jo Malone’s line. Classic scents such as Grapefruit and Pomegranate keep your living area smelling good all year round. 

Let’s talk maxi skirts.

Maxi dresses were big for the past few summers but up until this summer and fall I hadn’t seen the maxi skirt come into play. I love a good maxi skirt for a few reasons: you can put anything on top, flattering and they’re fun. For us little people, styling anything maxi is no easy feat- without a good pair of wedges or heels. My love for sweaters continues to spill out onto this post as well because that is almost the only thing I have been pairing with my maxis. A big chunky sweater, flat black leather motorcycle boots and gobs and gobs of gold jewelry is perfection in my eyes. Some other options you ask? Jean or chambray button downs look amazing with a fitted maxi skirt. If your maxi is a little more form fitting, I go big on top. If it’s pleated or flowy- tight on top. My inspiration for this post? Perusing through the mall I spotted a girl with this maxi skirt, an oversize white tuxedo blazer and an amazing J.Crew bedazzled belt wrapped neatly around the waist.

Maxi skirts to try:

1. Splendid Charcoal Maxi Skirt

2.Calvin Klein Sequin Maxi Skirt

3. LA Made Mae Stripe Skirt

If the Olsen’s can, you can too.